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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 19th, 2023


Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited and its affiliated companies provide digital media services through various online platforms, collectively called our “Websites.” This Privacy Policy pertains to the websites linked to this policy. It outlines how we collect, use, and disclose information about you when you visit our Websites or engage with us in any other way. It is important to note that this Privacy Policy may be supplemented by additional terms specific to certain websites or applications, which would take precedence over this policy in case of any conflicts.

Our privacy practices are by the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate. Therefore, we have included terms specific to certain geographic regions or as mandated by relevant laws for customers in those regions.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy periodically. If any changes are made, we will inform you by updating the date at the top of the policy, and, in some instances, we may also provide additional notice. By continuing to use Website or Services after any changes have been made, you indicate your acceptance, consent, and agreement to be bound by the updated Privacy Policy. We encourage you to regularly review Privacy Policy whenever access the Services or interact with us to stay informed about information practices and available options.

This Privacy Policy includes the following sections:

Scope of This Notice

This Privacy Policy outlines the procedures and policies followed by Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited in relation to the collection, utilization, storage, protection, and disclosure of personal information when users engage with our Services. These include, but are not limited to, following activities:

  • Access our websites and any other sites or applications linked to this Privacy Policy.
  • Establish and manage an account with us.
  • Process payment through our platform.
  • Complete a purchase or any other transaction.
  • Subscribe to or engage with our newsletters or other forms of electronic communication.
  • Engage with our social media pages.
  • Click on advertisements that we have posted on third-party websites.
  • Communicate with our customer service representatives or utilize our features, such as chat functions, email, text, or phone.
  • Engage in any other form of interaction with us.

This Privacy Policy also applies to any personal information we obtain about you from third parties.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to:

Third-Party Sites:

In providing links to external websites, apps, videos, or other content (referred to as “Linked Sites”), we must note that we do not operate these sites. While we provide these links, it is essential to understand that we do not endorse or have control over the content and operations of these Linked Sites. Our Privacy Policy specifically applies to your use of our Websites and Services and does not extend to any external sites. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for these Linked Sites’ privacy policies and practices. You should review the privacy policies of each site you visit to ascertain the information that may be collected about you.

Workforce Members and Candidates:

The policy does not govern our processing of personal information pertaining to job applicants/candidates and members of our workforce.

Non-personal information:

We process information not directly linked to identifiable or identified individuals, including non-identifying aggregate information. This data may be processed for any lawful business purpose.

Personal Data We Collect and How We Use It

“Personal information” is a broad term with varying legal definitions in different jurisdictions. In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” refers to information that can reasonably identify an individual, either on its own or when combined with other information from different sources.

The personal information we collect about you will depend on the nature and context of your interaction with our Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited and our Services. It may also depend on your choices regarding our services, the features and functionality you enable, your location, the devices you use to access our services, and applicable laws. The following section outlines the personal information we collect and how we collect it.

Personal Information You Give to Us

We gather the subsequent categories of personal information that you provide to us, which include:

Your details

The information you provide includes your full name, email address, phone number, address, zip code, gender, job application details, and other contact information.

Account and other identifiers

We collect and store various identifiers, such as usernames, screen names, account IDs, assigned user IDs, customer numbers, or similar identifiers used to identify and track user accounts. Additionally, we may ask for your consent to collect cookies.

Marketing and communications data

Marketing and communications data, such as your preferences for receiving marketing materials from our company.

User content

User-generated content includes emails, text messages, photos, videos, audio, customer support communications, comments/feedback, and any other content submitted or posted by the user.

Survey data

We may reach out to individuals to invite them to participate in surveys, competitions, promotions, or other research activities. If you decide to participate, you may be asked to provide personal information in conjunction with your survey responses or through any other feedback or comments you provide. Additionally, with certain features of the Services and promotions, you can submit information about other individuals. This could include their name, mailing address, and/or email address for purposes such as sending a gift or electronic greeting card.

Contests, sweepstakes, and prize drawings data

When participating in a contest, sweepstakes, or prize draw, individuals may choose to provide personal information, feedback, or comments as a means of entry or as a requirement of the contest, sweepstakes, or prize drawing.

Messages and email data

We gather data about your interactions with messages, emails, and other forms of communication-related to our Services. This includes information on whether you have opened or taken action on those communications.

Social media content

For example, our interactions with social media providers include the content you post on our social media pages. If you choose to register or log into your Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited account using a social media provider, we will obtain your personal information from them.

Other personal information you provide

Suppose you disclose personal information to us beyond the scope of what has been described. In that case, we will collect and utilize it solely for the purposes for which it was provided or for other compatible purposes.


In specific cases, we can deduce personal information about you by analyzing the information you have shared with us or that we have gathered about you.

Chat modules

When you utilize our interactive chat module, we may collect specific categories of personal information from you. You consent to our data collection practices by engaging with the chat box. Please note that we may utilize this data to communicate regarding our products and services.

Payment processing information

For instance, we collect payment-related information such as the form of payment, payment card details, bank account number, payment service provider, and payment information you provide. Additionally, we may gather or deduce your geolocation using specific identifiers, such as your IP address or mailing address. We utilize this information, in part, to determine the appropriate legal jurisdiction for your interactions with us. If you grant our Services permission, we may access your device’s precise geolocation to verify your address and enhance the functionality and personalization of our Services. This may include tagging posts, providing map information, and delivering relevant content or advertisements.

Personal Information We Derive Through Your Use of Our Services

Third-party entities may be authorized to provide analytics services and display advertisements on our behalf or their own, both on the Internet and in mobile applications. These entities may utilize various technologies, including cookies, web beacons, and device identifiers, to gather information regarding your visits to websites that utilize our services and other websites and applications. Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited and other entities may utilize this information to analyze data, track data, assess the popularity of specific content, deliver targeted advertising and content based on your interests across our services and websites, and better understand your online activity. For further information, please refer to this Privacy Policy’s ” Your Preferences ” section.

The data collected through these technologies include:

Device and browser identifiers

Device and browser identifiers, such as an assigned user ID, IP address, or a similar identifier, can be utilized to identify your device.

Coarse location Information

The general location information provided is a rough approximation and does not rely on GPS data.

Browsing and search history

Your browsing and search history includes information about the content you view and your searches on our website (s).

Real-time website interactions

Our websites may capture and record your real-time interactions, including mouse movements, clicks, and user inputs, in a video format. This is done to gain insight into user experiences and identify any technical errors affecting the website’s functionality, such as broken links. This information allows us to improve the user experience and ensure the proper functioning of our websites and platforms.

Website log and usage data

We collect website log and usage data, including information about the pages you visited, the services and features you utilized or engaged with, browser type, and links or communications you interacted with.

Advertising and event metrics

Information regarding the advertisements you have viewed and your interactions with our Websites, including metrics related to advertising and events.

Video watching history

We may collect and retain information about your video viewing history on our Websites, which includes details of the videos you have watched. This information may be shared with third parties.

Personal Information We Collect From Others

Most personal information we collect is obtained directly from you or through your interaction with our Websites. However, we may also gather information about you from external sources. This may include third-party data such as identity verification services, mailing list providers, credit bureaus, and publicly available sources. Additionally, create or log into your account using a social media site or third-party service (e.g., Facebook or Google). We will access certain information from that service, like name, email address, and profile picture, following the authorization procedures established by the respective social media site or third-party service.

Even if you aren’t registered with our Services, we may still collect your information. Some users may disclose information about their contacts, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, or other details. Users may also share personal data about other users through posts or comments, although we discourage such behavior.

What We Do with Your Personal Information

We may utilize your personal information for various purposes, depending on how you engage with our Services. These purposes may involve the use of personal data for:

Delivering our services 

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, including customer support, communication, and security. We aim to keep you informed by sending newsletters you have subscribed to and adding you to our mailing lists. We will also communicate with you regarding any changes to your account and the terms or policies of our websites and services. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to sign up for special offers from third parties through our websites.

Policy enforcement

We are responsible for enforcing various policies, such as our terms of service, acceptable use policies, anti-spam policies, and similar policies.

Advertising and marketing 

The act of advertising and marketing includes the distribution of physical and electronic mail containing advertisements and marketing material about product specials, promotional events, and offers, as well as the execution of marketing testing, research, data analytics, product development, and other related activities.

Contextual and behavioral targeting 

We utilize contextual and behavioral targeting techniques to deliver personalized ads during interactions with our website or application. This is achieved through the use of tracking technologies like cookies and pixels. Additionally, these technologies enable us to provide features on our website, such as geographically-specific pricing or logging.

Counting ad impressions and website interactions

We utilize various methods to track and measure user engagement with our Websites, applications, and advertisements. This includes monitoring ad impressions, website interactions, and unique visitor counts. These metrics help us ensure accurate reporting, assess the position and quality of ad impressions, and conduct other relevant activities for performance evaluation.

Customer service

Customer service aims to assist customers with their needs, maintain and support their products and accounts, provide training for quality assurance, and engage in similar activities.

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention measures are implemented to identify and mitigate security incidents, safeguard against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or unlawful activities, and pursue legal action against individuals responsible for such activities.

Processing transactions

Processing transactions involves the procedures necessary to complete or fulfill orders and transactions. This includes verifying customer information, processing payments, confirming eligibility for promotional benefits, and carrying out similar activities.

Public health and safety

In order to prioritize public health and safety, it is recommended to carry out screenings or temperature checks for symptoms of COVID-19 or other relevant screening activities related to public health and safety.

Defending against claims and litigation

We conduct investigations, defend against claims and litigation, and respond to disputes, claims, and litigation as necessary and per legal requirements.

Responding to law enforcement requests

We cooperate with law enforcement requests and fulfill obligations under applicable laws, court orders, and governmental regulations.

Determining employment eligibility

Determining employment eligibility: This involves assessing an individual’s qualifications and background to determine their eligibility for employment. This may include verifying references, checking employment history, and conducting background checks in accordance with legal requirements.

Claims and benefits administration

Claims and benefits administration: This refers to the process of handling and managing claims and benefits for employees in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This includes processing claims and administering benefits accurately and efficiently.

Employee and emergency contact communications

Employee and emergency contact communications: This involves communicating with our employees and individuals listed as emergency contacts for employees. This may include providing important information, updates, or emergency notifications to ensure effective communication and support.

Reorganization, purchase, and sales activities

We may engage in reorganization, purchase, or sales activities to assess or execute a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or other transfer or sale of our assets, either as an ongoing business or as part of bankruptcy or similar proceeding, in which case information we possess about our Website users may be transferred as one of the assets.

Other reasons described

We may also use your information for other purposes disclosed during collection or as outlined in the CCPA.

Our Sharing of Your Personal Information

In addition to utilizing your personal information for our purposes, we may also disclose your personal information to the following parties:

With the parties whom you authorize

If you consent or authorize us to share your personal information with third parties.

Business services providers

These individuals or organizations are our business partners with whom we have established a relationship to provide services and support for our business operations. These providers may encompass the following:

  • IT operations providers

The types of service providers that fall into this category include cloud computing, website hosting, customer service providers, email delivery services, data backup, security providers, internet service providers, functionality and infrastructure providers, and other similar service providers.

  • Operations providers

These entities are our trusted partners, with whom we collaborate to carry out essential business functions daily. This includes payment processing services (such as Stripe and Shopify), security vendors, providers of business software services, financial institutions, and various other organizations.

  • Professional advisors

These individuals encompass lawyers, accountants, auditors, consultants, security professionals, and other comparable entities. We may disclose information to them when it is reasonably required to fulfill our legal and contractual responsibilities, prevent or address instances of fraud or misuse, safeguard against potential attacks, or ensure the protection of rights, property, and safety of ourselves, our customers, and the general public.

Marketing and advertising providers

These services encompass various organizations and entities involved in advertising, direct marketing, lead generation, affiliate marketing programs, retargeting platforms, data brokerage, ad networks, marketing consulting, and other related services.


Among our current parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and other companies under common control and ownership, there exists a relationship.

We may disclose information to individuals or entities as required or appropriate, such as in response to a subpoena or court order, to comply with requests from public and government authorities, to enforce our Terms and Conditions, to protect operations, rights, privacy, safety, or property, and to enable us to pursue available remedies or mitigate potential damages.


Individuals engaged in the evaluation, discussion, and finalization of a commercial transaction may involve the transfer, merging, combining, acquisition, change in ownership, transfer of significant assets, bankruptcy, or restructuring, as well as any subsequent integration.

Authorized disclosures

Information may be shared with authorized parties as specified by the individual to whom it pertains. Non-personal information may be used and disclosed following applicable laws, except any provisions outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Publicly Posted Content

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited users can post content on various forums and webpages provided by Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited, including user-submitted pages, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. It is important to note that when you voluntarily disclose personal information in any forum, it can be collected and used by others, which results in unsolicited messages. You are responsible for the personal information you choose to share in these instances, so please exercise caution when using these features.

If you want to have any posted content removed, you may contact us at compliance@cogitaxis.com and specify the content that needs to be removed. However, please be aware that the removal process may not guarantee the complete elimination of all traces of the posted content on the Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited forums.

Data Retention

We will retain your personal information for the necessary duration to fulfill the intended purposes for which it was collected, which includes meeting any legal, accounting, or reporting obligations. The determination of the appropriate retention period for personal information takes into account factors such as the quantity, nature, and sensitivity of the data, the potential risks associated with unauthorized use or disclosure, the specific purposes for processing the information, and the availability of alternative means to achieve those purposes. If requested, we may delete your data. In certain circumstances, we may anonymize your data for research or statistical purposes, allowing us to utilize this information indefinitely without further notification.

Data Security

We have established and upheld reasonable security procedures and practices suitable for the type of information being handled to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, destruction, use, alteration, or disclosure. However, it is essential to note that security measure is only partially foolproof, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information. The level of data protection provided may differ across different countries, with some offering more comprehensive safeguards than others. Nevertheless, we strive to apply consistent protections as this policy outlines, regardless of where your information is processed.

Our Clients

Suppose you are a client or business partner of ours. In that case, the terms outlined in the contract between your company and Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited will take precedence over the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy in case of any conflict.

  • International Data Transfers

Our company is based in the United States and operates within its jurisdiction. When you provide us with personal information, you acknowledge that we may transfer this information to countries outside of your own, including the United States, for processing. It is important to note that the laws and regulations governing use and protection of personal information in the United States and other countries where we transfer or process personal data may differ from those in your own country. These transfers may involve the use of service providers based in foreign jurisdictions. In such cases, we ensure that our service providers adhere to our privacy and security standards and relevant privacy laws.

  • Your Privacy Preferences

You can manage and regulate the gathering and utilization of personal data for specific processing activities. This encompasses:

Adjusting Communication Preferences

Emails from Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited:

During the registration process for our website, you can choose to receive email communications. If you no longer wish to receive emails, you can click on ” unsubscribe ” link at bottom of email or contact our team at compliance@cogitaxis.com to inform us, and we will promptly remove from our email list. However, please note that opting out of marketing or newsletter emails does not mean you will opt out of all emails. There may be certain transactional or essential emails related to your Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited account, purchases, legal or contractual updates, or other similar topics that we must send you. You will not be able to opt out of these types of emails.

Text messages:

You can unsubscribe from automated text notifications by replying “STOP” or any other keyword we provided. However, please note that you may still receive critical safety-related communications from Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited, such as messages about your account, even if you opt out of other notifications.

  • Blocking Cookies

Most web browsers have the default setting to accept cookies automatically, but you can adjust your browser settings to control how it responds to cookies. The links provided below offer information on managing cookies for popular web browsers:

Safari (Desktop) and Safari Mobile (iOS)



Microsoft Edge


It is important to note that many websites, including ours, use Google Analytics. If you want to opt out of Google Analytics data collection, please follow the instructions provided by Google. To better understand how Google uses personal information, you can visit its privacy policy page at www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

For more information regarding interest-based ads or to opt out of using your web browsing information for interest-based advertising purposes, please visit Ad Choices and Manage My Browser’s Opt-Outs. Additionally, your device may offer a feature such as “Limit Ad Tracking” on iOS or “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads” on Android allows you to opt out of specific information collection through behavioral advertising apps. It is important to note that even if you choose to opt out, you may still receive advertisements, but will not be delivered to you by the companies from which you have opted out based on your behavioral data. The opt-out process through Digital Advertising Alliance involves placing an opt-out cookie on device, and you must repeat this process on each machine or if your cookies are cleared. Please be aware that cookie-based opt-outs may not be effective on certain mobile services. Users can opt out of certain advertisements on mobile applications or reset advertising identifiers through their settings.

To learn how to limit advertisement tracking or reset advertising identifiers on your iOS and Android device, please click on following links:

– iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202074

– Android: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en

  • Your Privacy Rights

In certain jurisdictions, individuals covered by privacy regulations have specific rights that can be enforced against entities covered by these regulations. The rights granted may vary depending on the jurisdiction and can include the following:

  • Access and Portability

Individuals have the entitlement to be informed or verify the personal information that a business has gathered about them, as well as to obtain a copy of such information.

  • Deletion/Restriction

Individuals have the right to request a business to delete or restrict the use of personal information collected from them, with certain exceptions.

  • Correction/Rectification

Customers have the right to request the correction of any personal information that is found to be inaccurate and is being maintained by the business.

  • Opt-Out of the Sale/Sharing of personal information

Individuals have the right to choose whether or not their personal information is sold to third parties. The definition of “sale” may differ depending on the jurisdiction, but it often encompasses the ability to opt out of utilizing personal information for targeted advertising.

  • Revoke Consent

If processing your information requires consent according to applicable law, you can withdraw consent anytime.

  • Object to Processing

You can object to our data processing if you have valid reasons for your situation. This applies to cases where the processing is necessary for a task in the public interest and exercises our official authority vested in us or our legitimate interests. If you object, we will no longer process your data unless we demonstrate our compelling legitimate grounds for processing which outweigh your rights, interests, and freedoms, or if processing is needed to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.

  • Limitation/Restriction

The ability to impose limitations or restrictions on a business’s utilization or revelation of specific personal information.

  • Opt-out of Profiling/Automated Decision-Making

You have the right to choose not to be subjected to profiling that leads to decisions with legal or similarly significant consequences for you.

  • Non-Discrimination

Individuals have the right to be free from discrimination when exercising their legal rights, which includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

(i) Not being denied goods or services.

(ii) Not being subjected to different prices for goods and services, including discounts, benefits, or penalties.

(iii) Not being provided with a different level or quality of goods or services.

(iv) Not being suggested that they may receive different prices or rates for goods or different levels or quality of goods or services.

Additionally, individuals have right to file a complaint with the appropriate government authority.

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited is committed to upholding individuals’ privacy rights in compliance with applicable laws. We respect individuals’ choices regarding their privacy and will not engage in discriminatory practices against those who exercise their privacy rights as afforded by law.

Exercising Your Privacy Rights

You can exercise access, deletion, correction, and restriction rights at any time by submitting a request through our portal by emailing us at compliance@cogitaxis.com. We will respond to requests within reasonable timeframe and in compliance with relevant laws. If additional time is needed to process and address your request, we will notify you of the delay and explain. If we cannot fulfill your request, we will communicate our decision to you, including the rationale, and provide instructions on how to appeal if applicable.

  • Children’s Privacy

Our Services are designed for individuals 16 years of age or older. We do not intentionally collect or process the personal information of individuals under 16. If we become aware that we have unintentionally collected personal information from a child under 13 without verifying parental consent, we will promptly delete that information. If you believe a child under 13 has provided us with their personal information, please get in touch with us at compliance@cogitaxis.com.

  • Jurisdiction-Specific Privacy Disclosures
  • Members of European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland

When processing personal information to comply with legal requirements or fulfill our obligations under a contract, providing the necessary information may result in a delay or inability to fulfill these obligations.

Following applicable law, we will collect your data with your consent if required and in line with our legitimate need to provide services.

Under European data protection laws, Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited must rely on one or even more legal bases to collect, share, and process the information we have about you. We provide a detailed description of these legal bases and provide examples below.

Performing our agreement

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited processes your information as necessary to perform our contract with you. For example:

– Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited processes your information to fulfill our contractual obligations with you.

– Your information is used to create your account and establish you as a registered user on Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited.

– We transfer your information to the United States outside of the EU to provide our services.

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited processes specific information based on your consent, which can be withdrawn anytime. For instance:

• We and our partners use cookies and other similar technologies based on consent.

• We may utilize a verification method to confirm your address with your chosen consent.

• If you choose to use location services through Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited, we will collect and process the relevant location information with your consent.

• Our ads are tailored based on activity from other websites and partner data, including inferred interests, with your permission.

• We may send you marketing communications provided that you have been permitted to receive such communications according to applicable law.

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited may process your personal information to fulfill a legal obligation, comply with a court order, or exercise and defend legal claims. For example:

• We may preserve and disclose your information in response to valid legal requests, such as a subpoena, search warrant, or other binding requests from the government or law enforcement, as required by applicable law.

• We may retain and process your information when necessary for compliance with applicable tax laws.

Vital interests

Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited may process your personal information when it is required to safeguard your vital interests or the vital interests of others. This may occur in specific circumstances. For instance:

– Processing your information may be necessary to protect your life and the lives of others or to prevent physical harm or injury to any individual or the general public.

– In the event of an imminent threat, we may preserve or share your information with law enforcement and relevant authorities based on our good faith belief of its necessity.

– Your data may be shared with disaster relief agencies, first responders, and other individuals to aid in disaster or emergency response efforts.

Legitimate interests

Your information may be processed if it is necessary for the legitimate interests of Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited or a third party, including creators. We process your data to further the following legitimate interests:

  • Providing, improving, and developing our Services

We utilize the data you provide to us to offer our Services, which may include personalized services. Furthermore, we analyze this information to gain insights to enhance our business operations and improve user interactions.

  • Providing ads, measurement, and analytics services

We utilize the information you provide to deliver customized advertisements on both Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited and other platforms. Additionally, we measure and analyze the effectiveness of these ads in order to provide our advertisers with accurate and dependable reporting. We engage in these activities as required to pursue legitimate interests in marketing and monetizing our Services.

  • Sending marketing communications

We utilize our legitimate interests in marketing and promoting our Services to use contact information and send marketing communications, as permitted by applicable law. However, if applicable law necessitates that we rely on your consent in order to send such communications, we will do so accordingly.

  • Sharing information for legal and safety reasons

In certain circumstances, information may be disclosed to law enforcement, related agencies, and authorities following legal and safety requirements and pursuing the legitimate interests outlined below.

  • As detailed in the Privacy Policy

If we process all your information based on legitimate interests, you can object to processing. Suppose you choose to exercise your right to object. In that case, we will stop processing your information unless legitimate solid reasons outweigh your objection or if your data is processed for legal purposes.

If you believe processing your data violates applicable law, you can file a complaint with supervisory authority anytime. Suppose the complaint concerns the EU and UK GDPR provisions or Swiss data privacy laws. In that case, you can file the complaint with a supervisory authority in Member State where you reside, work, or where alleged infringement occurred. You can find the appropriate supervisory authority based on location on the European Data Protection Board website. If the complaint is related to provisions of the UK GDPR, you can file the complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. For contact information of your local Data Protection Authority, please refer to: https://ec.europa.eu/justice/article-29/structure/data-protection-authorities/index_en.htm

  • S. State-Specific Privacy Rights

We have obtained the following categories of personal data (or personal information) from consumers and customers and shared this information with third parties for business purposes within the past twelve (12) months:

Categories of Personal Information

Sorts of Sources From Which Information Was Collected

Categories of Third Parties To Whom This Type of Information Is Disclosed For Business Purpose

Types of Third Parties With Whom this Category of Information Is Shared/Sold


-You (or your device)

-Other Individuals

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Customer Records

-You (or your device)

-Other Individuals

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Protected classifications


-Other Individuals


-Governmental Entities


-Governmental Entities

-Business Services Providers

We do not sell or share

Biometric information

We do not collect


Commercial information

-You (or device)

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Internet/network activity

-You (or device)

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Geolocation data

We may gather geolocation based on address, IP address, or other data associated with particular location. We may associate geolocation with you if you use company equipment that collects geolocation.

-Business Services Providers

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Sensory data

We do not collect from consumers generally. Visitors to our physical locations (not open to the public) may have this data collection.

-Business Services Providers

We do not sell or share

Professional or employment-related information

We do not collect from consumers generally.


Education information

We do not collect from consumers generally.


Inferences are drawn from other personal information

We may make inferences about all your preferences, likes, and interests based on the personal information you provide.

-Business Services Providers

-Marketing and Advertising Providers

Marketing and Advertising Providers

Sensitive personal information (as defined by applicable law)


-Other Individuals

-Governmental Entities

-Business Services Providers


-Governmental Entities

We do not sell or share

As of the effective dates of the applicable laws, residents in specific U.S. states are granted the rights outlined below:

California: January 1, 2023

Virginia: January 1, 2023

Colorado: July 1, 2023

Connecticut: July 1, 2023

Utah: December 31, 2023

Privacy Rights








Request confirmation from us whether Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited are processing your personal information and, if so, access to such personal information.







Request that your personal information be deleted.







Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited provide a copy of personal information that you have provided to us in a usable/readable format.







Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited correct any inaccurate personal data relating to you (subject to limitations).






Restriction on Sharing for Cross-Context Behavioral.

Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited stop sharing your personal information for cross-contextual behavior of targeted advertising purposes.






Sales of Personal Information

Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited stop selling personal information about you to third parties.






Restriction on Automated Decision-Making or Profiling

Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited stop using automated decision-making technology to evaluate you, create a profile, and predict your future behavior.






Limiting Use and Disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information

Request that Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited limit use and disclosure of your “sensitive personal information,” as term is defined in California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, as amended by California Privacy Rights Act of 2020, to extent required by law.






Right to Appeal

Appeal the denial of privacy rights request under the relevant law






If you wish to exclude yourself from selling or sharing your personal information for cross-contextual behavioral or targeted advertising, you can do so through this link.

You can exercise privacy rights under applicable law at any time by utilizing our Privacy Policy. We will respond to request within 45 days of receiving it, provided it is submitted correctly. If additional time is required to process and respond to request, we will inform you of the delay and its reason. In all cases, we will complete request within 90 days from the date it was submitted correctly. Should we choose not to address your request, we will communicate our decision and the rationale behind it and provide instructions on how you may contest our decision.

  • California

Residents of California have the option to submit CCPA requests either personally or through an authorized agent. This can be done using our privacy policy or by emailing compliance@cogitaxis.com. It is important to note that CCPA requests are subject to our verification measures, which may vary based on the nature of the request and the sensitivity of the requested information. As part of the verification process, we may ask for certain information to confirm your identity as it appears in our records. In cases where an agent is authorized to request on behalf of you, we may require proof of your consent and may also verify the identity and authority of the agent.

How We Respond To “Do-Not-Track” Signals & GPC:

A “do-not-track” signal is feature in specific web browsers that allows users to indicate their preference for not tracking their online activity. Our website supports Global Privacy Control (GPC), a specification that enables internet users to communicate their privacy preferences to businesses. This includes preferences regarding tracking, as well as the sharing or selling of personal information for targeted advertising. GPC can be enabled through the browser or mobile device settings or using a compatible browser extension. To learn more about the available options for GPC, please click here. If you wish to use GPC, you can download and activate it through a participating browser or browser extension. Additional information on downloading GPC can be found by clicking here. It’s important to note that if GPC is enabled in your browser or device, it will take precedence over any preferences set in our website’s cookie banner or privacy settings.

  • California Shine the Light Disclosures:

Following California Civil Code Section 1798.83, California residents who visit our Websites or use our Services have the right to request certain information about the disclosure of their personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. To request this information, please email compliance@cogitaxis.com with “Shine the Light Request” in the subject line.

  • Notice of Financial Incentive

Our company offers loyalty and incentive programs to our valued customers, which include various benefits such as rewards and exclusive offers. Additionally, we run promotional campaigns like sweepstakes, contests, and limited-time promotions, collectively known as the “Programs.” When you choose to enroll in one of our Programs, we will typically request your name and contact information, like email address and/or telephone number. As these programs involve collecting personal information, they may be considered “financial incentive” programs under the CCPA.

The value we place on your personal information is directly related to the value of the free or discounted products, services, or other benefits you receive as part of the relevant Program. We deduct the expenses associated with offering those products, services, and benefits to participants in calculating this value.

Participation in any Program is subject to the terms and conditions specified, including the official rules for sweepstakes or contests or the promotional terms for short-term promotions. These terms and conditions also outline the financial incentives associated with the promotion and provide instructions on how to participate. Please note that participation in any contest, sweepstakes, or short-term promotion is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw from the Program at any time as stated in the survey terms and conditions. To withdraw from a Program, kindly contact us using the designated method specified in the relevant Program terms and conditions.

  • Nevada

While we do not sell covered information of Nevada consumers, as defined in Chapter 603A of the Nevada Revised Statutes, we encourage you to register email address with us at compliance@cogitaxis.com. By doing so, you will receive notice if we may engage in such sales. At that point, you can exercise your opt-out rights as provided by law, following our verification process. If you need to update your contact email for these notices, please contact us at compliance@cogitaxis.com. You are responsible for ensuring that your Nevada notice contact information remains current.

  • Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or wish to raise complaints about privacy practices, please contact us at: compliance@cogitaxis.com. Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited is a digital media company that prides itself on delivering valuable content and maintaining authenticity for its audiences, business partners, and the environment. With a solid commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, Cogitaxis Consultancy Services Private Limited employs innovative strategies to enhance and expand trusted digital media brands.

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